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Drums are my life! I'm an avid freerunner, and I also enjoy snowboarding and skating. I love watching flash movies and making songs on FL Studio.

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Posted by PearlDrummer516 - September 4th, 2009

I am on the verge of finishing a House song, and I do believe it's my best work yet. I am in a dilemma however... I need to find a female singer. This is my first song written with lyrics to be placed in and I just need a female voice for it to be complete. I actually do not have lyrics written, I will leave that up to the singer. If you are interested, or if you know any talented, female singers that may be interested, let me know!

- Arron -

Posted by PearlDrummer516 - June 24th, 2009

So, I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tonight with five of my friends. We went for the midnight showing and made a night of it. My friends are all die-hard fans of the first, including me as well, and I must say... this movie was completely, utterly and totally phenomenal. The entire movie was great, from start to finish. If you thought the first was great, this one will blow your mind. The action and special effects were mind-blowing, and the return of all your favorite autobots, as well as the decepticons (and many new characters as well) makes for a great, character-developed experience. If you're looking for a heavy, story driven movie, you may want to pass on this, but if you're an action fan, you have every reason in the world to see it.

Plus, you have Megan Fox!!!

Completely amazing.

- Arron -

Posted by PearlDrummer516 - June 6th, 2009

After losing my job at RadioShack of one year I applied for Unemployment a few days ago and found out today that I was approved! Now I get to make money without doing anything! Yes!

But yeah, never work for RadioShack because they are truly a terrible company. The management is completely awful and it's a pretty high stress job. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like a specialty electronics retail store should not be as stressful as a freakin' car salesman! Anyways yeah, now I need to find a good job for the summer and save for a new car.

Go see Angels and Demons. Sick.

- Arron -