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Fairy Tale.

This is a definite fairy tale, and the story is phenomenal. The music works incredibly well with the video, and the ideas are original. Excellent work.

- Arron -

Absolutely the best collaboration I've ever seen.

I honestly haven't laughed that hard watching a flash in a long, long time. I want to say this is definitely one of my all-time favorites now. Excellent work by everybody. Great job!

- Arron -

Holy shit...


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This is SO funny. I laughed my ass off when the sun got pissed. And then the intense metal music, so awesome.

- Arron -

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This came out quite breathtakingly! I love how it starts with one style, and ends with a completely different one! If you were to hear the beginning and the end only, you wouldn't even believe that it's the same song. It was really freakin' cool hearing each artist's style, as they clearly stick out. It was absolutely awesome being a part of this project and I would really love to thank you modem for having this wonderful idea and organizing it. It truly turned out to be great. Also, great job mixing it friend. A job well done.

I love how they all go into each other, it really goes to show what can be said of individuality in one simple minute. If somehow there could be a Two Minute Massacre, I wouldn't doubt it would be insane how much creativity would flow into it. To all the artists, great job!

- Arron -

Upbeat, full of effervescence

I actually visited this page after seeing the flash video. I have to say I am very impressed with both the video and the song. The song certainly fits with the videos cartoony, zany style. The instruments used are also perfect choices. I'm also in love with the way you used the kazoo! The kazoo is commonly thought of as a joke of an instrument, but you used it masterfully. It fits in the song so naturally, and it makes the song whole. If the kazoo wasn't there, it would sound completely different.

I really enjoy your videos, and I really enjoy your playing and composing. Keep up the great work. I'll be looking out for more.

- Arron -

SWiTCH responds:

Thanks a lot man!

Fun and catchy

Oh man, this was fun! This song was clearly done for fun, and it's quite catchy too. Lyrics are truly funny and clever. This is the epitome of Pop Punk Rock, and it's cool to see something like this on Newgrounds. I really enjoyed listening to this, and I also was pleased to see the lyrics including with the song even though it was quite easy to understand. My only criticism is that the mixing quality could be better. This was self produced, and is actually quite good quality considering that fact. Anywho, great job, I enjoyed this. Keep it up!

- Arron -

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Very well done!

My my, this piece is wonderful. I really enjoy the detail and shading in the hair, very realistic. The depth perception of the arm is great too. I also like the mood of the portrait, it certainly made me agree with the title of the piece. I'm glad you did this in gray scale too. there's just something about black and white that really works with things based in horror and suspense. If it was in color, I would not have liked it as much.

I really enjoy this piece, and I've become a fan. I'm going to keep my eyes open for more from you.

- Arron -

PS - What scared you so much?! :P

ArtistGamerGal responds:

Interesting observations about the black and white. I honestly didn't think about that since the assignment required that it be in black and white. I agree, color would change the mood :0

Drums are my life! I'm an avid freerunner, and I also enjoy snowboarding and skating. I love watching flash movies and making songs on FL Studio.

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